Bullet disassembly bugged?

Experimental of February 4th, I made a kinetic bullet puller but on disassembling a stack of 20, 30 or 50 bullets, get only the components of one (taking .38 FMJ as example, 2 lead, one .38 special casing, 1 small pistol primer and 2 smokeless pistol powder from a stack of 40 bullets).

Has this bug been reported previously ? Is there a workaround or should I download a more recent version to avoid it ?

Thank you for any answer !

I’m sorry to not have an answer to your questions, but questions of my own:
How did you disassemble the bullet? Selected it in the (i)nventory and then (D)isassembled it? Or did you use the “(” menu? Or did you drop it then tried the (B)utchery function?
Which OS did you play it on (Windows, Android, …)?

One possible workaround I see would be a really tedious one; drop the stack and pick up just one bullet, disassemble it and pick up an other one…

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Ermahgerd! You mean do it like you’d do it in Real Life™?

I’m playing on a Windows 10, and tried all three methods with the same result.
About the workaround, I had that idea too, but to quote the game "You need at least [2030/40/50, depends on the ammo type] of [your ammo type] so I cannot disassemble individual bullets.
Though now that you mention it, the dissassembly takes me only 5 seconds, which I assume is the one bullet number too.
But the action eats my whole stack and still returns only 2 to 5% of the components, which is a bit problematic since I was finally hoping to specialize in 2-3 ammo types and cannibalize the rest…

Has anybody got a similar problem ? I would really like to know.

So, I tried the newest experimental, and it seems this bug has been fixed. Cheers !

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