Active cooling clothing

I’ve seen a lot of talk about how people find the heat in the summer hard to deal with, and seeing that there is heated clothing in the game for colder temps, is there any clothing that makes the wearer cooler?

I don’t know what limitations there are, but I know that some mascot suits have a couple of fans in them cool, and I’ve heard of shirts that have a fan and some tubes in them to keep the wearer cool.

Just turn on AC in your car or power armor.

re: Mascot / Fursuits and fans in clothing.
I have a few friends who own fursuits and can indeed confirm that (some) of the full-suits do have fans in the head and a couiple of them have a fan (or two) in the torso. However, fans do not cool you down, they just help moving air around.

There are some others I’ve seen that have cooling pads that usually last for a couple of hours. I myself have never tried getting into one due to the height differences between me and said friends, but having asked them about how bearable it is, they said it’s nice during early Spring when temperatures are mild-to-OK.

Summer is, according to 2 of them, still unbearable especially if they are walking around outdoors, no matter how powerful the fans are. Most of their walks in the summer - be it at conventions, small gatherings or small events - usually last about half an hour to one hour so to prevent complications related to overheating/heatstroke.

As for the game, I agree that Summer is very much unreasonably unbearable, especially seeing temperatures start creeping up on the last 10 or so days of spring and it won’t start cooling down until well into Autumn. I think there is something to be said about adding cooling pads to one’s clothing - or maybe a makeshift cooling strap that uses frozen waterbags or something.

I am not aware of any real life examples of clothing that actually work in terms of cooling down body temperature - or at least I can’t recall there being any but I could very well be wrong about this.

Some possible inspiration in Cooling vest - Wikipedia perhaps?