What is some good summer equipment?

It’s summer now and I have to just about strip naked to stay cool. I’ve looked through my tailoring list and can’t really find a decent armor/warmth ratio. Currently I have 8 tailoring, which causes an ironic effect of having so much to look at to find what I’d want harder.

The best I could come up with was a vehicle…

For some reason (probably playability) the PC slowly cools down while in a closed vehicle, regardless of whether it’s powered up or not (note that non orthogonal alignments may open gaps that negates the effect), but basements or subways are better.
However, a lot of time is spent waiting to cool down, and my character removed everything but a sun protecting hat when getting back to the camp.

Edit: I think “closed vehicle” actually is “surrounded by closed vehicle tiles on all sides”, as it seems to work to sit in an electric SUV with the doors closed but the trunk open.

Not currently playing, but I used a Faraday chainmail suit. Warmt 0, if memory serves; also, protects from shockers.

Usually went around in my light nomad clothes in summer though doubt you can ever be comfortable in anything really. Except when I mutated cold blooded, could wear some armour with that.

ehh i just leave everything on… even when you’re very hot the most you get is some pain, as long as you’re drinking plenty.

what version are you playing that you don’t also get severe speed reduction?

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Ya being hot nukes your speed pretty bad

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Depending on how hot I am I can end up with roughly a 30% speed reduction. Sometimes higher, sometimes lower, it’s freaking brutal. Fighting is at a massive disadvantage like that, especially with pain stacking up bit by bit.

well i also havent reached SUPER high heat threshholds… like… the most i’ve had to deal with is 10 pain at all times wandering around. i’m also playing on the latest experimental.

The warmth value of some clothing is all over the place. A button up dress shirt has a warmth of 10, a heavy survivor suit has a warmth of 15, and an ESAPI vest has a warmth of 15. Its early summer right now, midday, in the middle of fighting, and I’ve got a -2% speed modifier from warmth, wearing that heavy survivor and ESAPI over a bra.

The lighter survivor suits aren’t any cooler, surprisingly. You can also shave off some extra heat at a loss of modesty, as undergarments are 5 warmth. Drop a bra and panties and you’ve dropped 66% of the heat consequence of that ESAPI.

So yea, Heavy Survivor with ESAPI is my go to right now, and you can probably drop the vest if your not expecting to get shot at.

i mean, considering the esapi is literally just a black vest with a bunch of metal plates in it… yeah its gonna get a bit hot XD

also i refuse to use it… because its absurdly high defense values compared to anything else… believe the dev said something about making the plates removable in the future, so that you’d be able to fill it like a container full of plates, and how many plates you have affects its overall defense and durability, which would make sense.

Its resistance is afaik accurate, but also not deteriorated through use, so I’m still using it for now. I collect enough spare sets and plates that the only difference is the pile at home not shrinking :P. That being said, a heavy survivor suit is a full body leather and plate metal contraption. That can’t breathe, and would absolutely get toasty.

no but like, look at the bash/cut resistance of the esapi as compared to your heavy survivor suit (which is armor), or plate armor (which is literally a layer of metal on you), esapi plates are ceramic tiles meant for stopping bullets, but because bullets do a multitude of diffrent damages, it just gives you lots of damage resistance.

A plate that is capable of stopping a bullet will be just as effective against a hammer, a brute fist or a sword, and the protection values are representative of this. The vest is also not 100% plate, of which the coverage values are representative.

Its worth remembering that an ESAPI ceramic plate is , from what I can tell, 19-23mm thick, while a suit of period plate would vary between 1-3mm thick on average. Even with the mechanical advantages of metal over ceramics, sheer thickness goes a long way.

The only thing they don’t accurately represent is that against gunfire and major impact trauma, the ceramic breaks up. This is why there is desire to make the plates behave accurately, because a small amount of gunfire will effectively ruin the plate, while the carrier itself is likely to still be in good condition (for something that just got shot, anyway).

it’d be interesting to see something in the future like, if the esapi gets cut or damaged like normal bags that it’d occasionally drop plates out, lowering your overall armor.

that aside, while old medieval armor probably wasn’t that great at stopping most modern day weaponry, the plate armor you find in cdda is forged out of modern day steel (assuming you didnt find it in an antique shop… and even then its technically, gamecode wise, the same steel.) which would be a heck of a lot more protective, it’d stop most things… but yeah it wouldn’t stop a bullet.

you CAN reinforce/refit zero warmth clothing with kevlar and such to make it both slightly more armored and still not ‘warm’, but it will be more encumbering… then again, if you’re already naked you can probably afford a bit of encumberance.

Old medieval armor was made with a quality of steel we rarely use today. You generally need to make it out of spring steel to get near the protective capabilities of medieval plate. Modern metallurgy focuses on other things than impact resistance.