Should we add a heat protection on the clothes?

please don’t getting confuse with fire protection, the things I was about to discuss is that clothes can actually protect you from the place with high temperature, such as mi-go tower or camp something like that,

I don’t know why, is seems this game hasn’t got any stystem that can protect you from the heat for some reason, and I’m not talking about the thermostat clothes that cost batterys, I’m talking about we can have normal clothes that can cooling you down, just like the normal clothes the one that can warm you from winter too.

this is really strange, since we did avoid getting burn from the sun by wearing something like turban or hat in reallife, not to mention there is has some clothes can cooling you down even without a batterys.

Turbans and the like don’t protect you from the scorching heat, they protect you from the damage of direct intense prolonged sunlight. Lightly colored fabrics help by reflecting a lot of light, and light weight fabrics help by not trapping air as effectively under the clothes, preventing you from developing a bubble of hotter than ambient air thats following you around. Unfortunately, all those passive techniques are moot when the issue is “The air around you is already 60 degrees”

There are some passive cooling vests that exist in the market already, but they’re only effective for at most a few hours down at “Normal Summer Temperatures”. I don’t think they’d be effective at all at the much higher temps, as they mostly work off of just being filled with cold or iced water and acting as a primitive heat sink, slowing the overall rate your body temperature rises. There has been some experimental work on more advanced passively cooled fabrics, but they only provide a couple degrees of heat resistance, and still mostly rely on mitigating light based heat transmission.

Unfortunately, there’s not really any viable IRL solution to this problem in a low-tech passive fashion. If it was, California-Grade summer clothing would be a billion dollar industry, the military would be making parts of the BDU’s out of it for certain, and hikers everywhere would be wearing it like Canadians wear Plaid.


I am actually surprised there isn’t any Cooling Vest in the game yet - a thing that definitely exists Cooling vest - Wikipedia

But the game offers a vast array of pseudo-scientific clothing and armour that would 100% never find its way to where the game is claimed to be taking place in :thinking:

Yes, but none of that stuff is low tech, its military lab and interdimensional technology. “Normal Clothes” pretty much restricts it to what you could reasonably buy off Amazon or a normal shelf.

I think this is currently WIP. Breathability alongside the in progress sweating system seems to be a step in this direction.

That will help in general environments, certainly, but there’s no missing IRL mechanics that will allow a character to tolerate 60c in the Mi-Go camps. You’ll be more or less immediately debilitated by heat stroke symptoms at those sorts of temperatures, and dead within minutes.

Perhaps this could be a place for mutations and CBMs to tackle, far better than IRL equipment, of which there’s little.

I think the phase emersion suit and power armors may be the only acceptable gear to storm a mi-go tower.

There exists an Iceplate that you can wear under heavy gear that doubles as a hydration pack as the ice melts. Having to prep for a high heat raid by freezing some iceplates beforehand would be a cool addition.

It appears @Profugo_Barbatus doesn’t have any experience of a sauna. The temperature at the top level can be in excess of 100 degrees Celsius, it’s possible to stay there for a fair while, and you can prolong the session by exiting and taking a cold shower (or dunking yourself in a hole in the ice of a lake) once in a while. Drinking cold beverages helps both with rehydration and with the temperature.
However, the higher the humidity the less time you can stay there, and you’re not conducting heavy labor, such as mining through a mi-go prison wall, while in there.

You can’t stay long in 100% humidity at high temperatures, though, but as far as I understand the air in mi-go buildings is toxic, but not at full humidity.

I believe the bottom of South African diamond mines have temperatures of around 60 degrees, with people actually working there. On the other hand the Crystal Cave in Mexico has close to 100% humidity and an above human temperature (don’t remember how high, but think it’s something like 40 degrees) allowing only short sessions in there (the memory says 10 minutes, but that may be wrong).

The CBM’s temperature regulation is fairly weak. Wearing heavy survivor armor (which heats you up quite a bit) is still not enough for the second level of an ice lab with the CBM active, and it definitely isn’t enough to allow you to wear that gear at the height of summer. It enough to shift your comfort level a few degrees.

I believe the Nomad advanced jumpsuit has a cooling system in it, but I haven’t tried it.

The nomad jumpsuit has some very minimal cooling. It’s not substantial.