Hot weather clothing

Right now we have ways to keep warm, but not cool.

A loose cotton robe, a broad straw hat,etc can provide sun protection and relief in hot weather.

Perhaps a tailoring modification to lower the warmth rating - adding ventilation and stripping insulation or somesuch.

Unfortunately coverage and heating go hand in hand. Breathability certainly helps. Perhaps a bamboo lamellar plate? Or traditional middle eastern clothes worn in deserts. But even still, not sure if those clothes would not retain heat, I’m sure that would just protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.
On a semi-related note, I’d love it if they implemented heat stroke and sun burns. Heat stroke could be implemented with high thirst and no head coverage. Sun burns would require coverage to protect against, but would of course increase thirst in hotter temps.

As I see it the problem is ‘zero’.

Warmth = zero means no obstruction, but humans aren’t at their coolest and most comfortable in just skin when the sun is harsh.

We have the ability to insulate above zero, but not cool or shade at present.

It would be sorta cool to have the duster be more useful. I love dusters.

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Exactly what I was thinking.

clearly we should be able to create a battery/UPS powered underliner garment that circulates fluid to act as a primitive full-body cooling system

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Or freezable liquid or gel inserts. Simply put em in your fridge overnight and they can last for a couple hours to cool you off.

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Why aren’t there mutations that mitigate heat? Yeah, fur and fat mutations for bears during winter, but nothing seems to help with the heat. Maybe rabbit mutations tree, cause their ears… cool them off I think?

Or why not have drinks that have been in a mini-fridge cool you down while you carry them?

Also, there are kinds of cloth that cool you down if you wet them first. The evaporation sucks the heat out of you while it dries. Having that in game would certainly help with heat.

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Bamboo and cotton are both terrible materials especially in winter. Not only to they absorb sweat. But they do so in a way that would kill you in the winter and would make your garment rather filthy in the summer in short order.

We could really use Nylon and gortex in game. But some folks poopoo the idea. Also merino wool. In short, camping gear. Waterproof, breathable, cool in the heat while warm in the winter.

The 2 materials I ONLY wear. Nylon and Merino wool. Nothing less than 75% merino will do! Else it really doesn’t work. Well Gortex I suppose I use too. But nylon with a high denier is usually cheaper >_>

I’ll go make a idea thread for this.

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