Action list in english

In the last experimental version (0.C-3833), the object’s action list appears in english, no matter what language you choose on the menu.

Odd, it seems the throw option is translated, so it seems to be incomplete application, not a straight bug.

Those phrases might just not be translated, will check.

Those are translated, I’m doing the argentinian translation.
Even if I download the last translated file from Transifex, compile it in .mo and use it on my game, those options keep appearing in english.
On previous versions of the game those appeared translated.

Very strange. No idea how the code derped up to fail to translate all but one of the other actions.

Yes. Very strange.
But already fixed.
Strings was changed

"<W>ear" -> "wear"
"<w>ield" -> "wield"

So need to wait when transifex and launchpad will receive updated template.