PT-BR translation and questions about Transifex

Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing well during our own somewhat of a cataclysm. I’ve recently found out about the game through the android port (believe it or not, it might be even harder to believe that I’m actually finding the interface incredibly functional and intuitive so kudos to whoever made the port) and I found out I could contribute to the translation. Unfortunately PT-BR translation seems to be long abandoned, with master having about 30000 strings to translate, of which I translated about 500 or so in the couple few days since I joined. This post is just in case any other BR happens to land up on this thread, do know that help is very welcomed at the moment, and although I think I might get a good chunk of the translation done due to home office situations right now, any help would greatly motivate me.

My questions about Transifex are the following:

I’ve been thinking about enlisting the help of a few other friends. I’ve noticed that joining in and getting to translating is actually very straightforward, I just logged in my Google account (same one I’m using to the forums) and it just let me translate, which is great! That said, I’m a little scared of what could happen if I recruit for it in some public forum and then someone is ill intentioned. My question is: are there any anti vandalism measures implemented, or any easy practical way to undo any (intentional or not) mistake that might have been made by someone?

My second question I guess would be about the reviewing process. About 45%, or so strings have been translated, but IIRC only around 3% have been reviewed, and from what I’ve seen, latest translations (or recommendations) have been made 2 years ago at least. I don’t know how it would work about reviewing my own translated strings, as I would be obviously biased.

Also, I was wondering what the different branches for each version are and which one should I focus on. I read on the guidelines that master is where most of the text is, but there appears to be a lot of repeated strings through versions that don’t unfortunately translate simultaneously through all of them. Im focusing on the master for now.

And I guess to finish, from people who have already contributed greatly, what did you wish you knew when you began? Is there anything I should focus translating first, would it be worth translating the glossary, things as such are questions I have since I just joined.

Thanks everyone in advance.


For quite some time I’ve been thinking about joining some translation group, so I guess it’s time to do it.

Someone on reddit posted about a pt-br translation and one commenter posted a link to this post. I want to help but I have 0 experience with Transifex (or any translation platform tbh), but I’m looking into it

I’m in the same situation. Never used Transifex, but i’m up to help : )