Acid rain

So what exactly is it sepost to be? i think it melted my plastic Jerry can and a RV stove. neither of these thing should really be destoryed that’s not how acid works. also you can put it in the Jerry can so it shouldn’t really melt anyway.

The acid rain itself does not destroy it, it’s the acid splatters created by it.

The devs, however, have expressed interest in shifting acid rain from the puddles of acid falling from the sky version they have right now to something more gradual that affects everything, from pavement to buildings, over time.

For now, the best option is to move everything inside if it’s valuable.

The jerrycans of the future are lined with a ultra glass fibre weave that is watertight, ensuring that even if the tank is punctured it will not leak!*

[size=4pt]Definitely not some BS and developers being lazy.[/size]