Nerf about acid rain

recently I remembered a strange fact. and where, in fact, happened to acid rain?
they nerfed?
before for example - it was enough to keep out the home any container with a funnel at the top - and eventually accumulate in the tank acidic water. and now - a heavenly joy is not observed.
before acid rain were almost no curse, as well as a natural stimulus to the fact that if you did not collect the loot means that the loot will be lost - the acid will eat it, even if it is “iron” :slight_smile:

sorry. needlessly nerfed acid rain. vain.
thinking, I tried to do a search on the forum - messages that acid rain nerfed intentionally - did not notice.
but then where acid rain ??? :))
Showers are forced to hide under the roof, that burned and stung. who ate all that you forget to save, the rains that forced to show the wonders of intelligence. they are not?

Curious about what happen to acid rain too.

It’s planned to be tied to locations that have portals and the like. You can activate acid rain via the debug menu if you wish, but I have never done so and don’t know if it still has the same effects (pain & item destruction).

Yeah acid rain was removed from the weather system for now. As it caused all wildlife to perish, and was not considered to be that much fun.

This right here, with the added side effect of it revealed a fairly gaping inability of the AI to actually find cover, resulting in hundreds of dead corpses from acid rain just lying around on the ground after every shower.

Eventually we plan to bring it back as tied to a more localized weather/portals system that should eventually bring all sorts of various fun stuff in semi-localized areas around certain rare portal areas. Coming within a handful of overmap tiles of a matching portal will then open up all sorts of fun possibilities like fungal spore storms and acid rain. >:D

Aw, dang. Can’t we have something less evil? Like a robo-moose, a horde of zombie clowns with chainsaws, or kaiju-sized cats?