Accidentally unbound diagonal movement key

so I accidentally unbound the southwest movement key (numpad) and now I dont know how to rebind it
pls help

Open the keybindings menu by pressing " ? ". It should open up a menu like this.

On pressing either " + " or " - " each visible keybinding will get a corresponding blue key to press to assign that function a key on your keyboard like this.

Press the key corresponding to the key you’ve unbound, in this case f for me, and it’ll ask which key you want to assign to this action. Pressing the key you want to use then will assign it. My recommendation would be to completely unbind whatever is in diagonal movement now and then rebind both " b " and " 1 " as they’re the defaults.

If that doesn’t work then check if numlock is on or something, then again if it wasn’t your issue wouldn’t be limited to just southwest.

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tbh I only ever use they numpad for diagonal movements, so i just unbound them since pressing wrong buttons usually just messes things up for me.
how to you bind multiple buttons tho?

eeeexcept now I cant use the arrow keys to select yes no prompts

Each action can be assigned two keys. It’s easier to do so if it’s completely unbound. Just assign 1 first then b or whatever you want to assign it. Cannot remember if there are assignments specifically for prompt or menu navigation, if there are you’ll have to fiddle until it works again if it isn’t working now for whatever reason.

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ah so you just add another keybind and it does multiple, didnt know
its still not allowing me to use left and right to cycle Y/N options

You can assign more than 2 keys to an action. I have bound as many as 8 keys to an action before.