I rebound my move keys and now can't move the overmap

I unbound all movement keys (north, northeast, east, etc), then rebound them to the numbers and arrow keys (didn’t want them on letter keys). Now they don’t work when viewing the overworld map. Or the main menu, for that matter.

Still work for normal movement and other menus. Edit: no, doesn’t work on inventory screen. Does work on advanced inventory screen, and for the little in-play ESC menu.

Any fix for this? Doesn’t look like I can even reset keybinds to see if that makes a difference.

Nevermind, figured it out. Need to enter one of the screens that doesn’t work, then use ‘?’ to view keybinds and edit them there, where they’re apparently different (‘pan’ rather than ‘move’) but still changed by unbinding move keys and not visible in the keybinds window.

…And I can’t remap my main menu keys?

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Yes, some menus do not use action keys and have hardcoded keys

Movement keys have to be GLOBAL hotkeys (so they apply to every menu) when you add them in the keybinds menu.

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Well, alright then. I’ll try that.

I’ve had similar issues. There are at least three things normally mapped to the same keys; movement, panning, and menu selection all have different overlapping bindings that are used inconsistently. TBH, last time I tried rebinding move keys I gave up after a while -_- if you delete them from your config folder they should reset to default.