Unbind "move north", immediately lose ability to scroll up keybinding menu

“Gosh I don’t need 3 different keys just to move one direction when all I use is the numpad anyway. Let just unbind all these and replace it with the numpad key by itself.”

Bam, can’t scroll up the menu anymore. WTF.

BTW, WTF is with some of these default bindings? Why are k, l, j, b, h, y directions?

EDIT: It doesn’t even matter if you rebind the key precisely as it was before, you need to delete keybinds completely before it will work properly again.

You need to add a global key binding. Pressing [tt]+[/tt] only adds it as local binding (as it’s described on the right in that window), you need to press [tt]=[/tt] to add it as global.