Keybinding Issues

Recently I encountered an issue where my map would constantly scroll south, but the rest of my gameplay was unaffected.

I tried reloading the game, but that didn’t solve the issue. Instead I deleted all keybindings for moving south and then reinput them. This solved the issue, but there are now a few side effects.

I can move south fine, and the map works; however certain actions have difficulty moving south, or down in a list. I cannot move down in my inventory, and after pressing x to look in a direction I can no longer move south. Weirdly, the advanced inventory screen is unaffected.

I have tried reloading my game and redoing the keybindings, but neither has worked. Has anyone else encountered this issue? If not, does anyone know how to reset all keybindings to default?

keybindings.json is hidden in the config folder. I think if you delete it then start the game it will create a fresh copy with default settings. But just in case, move it somewhere instead of deleting it.

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Also, when using e to examine items I am able to scroll down.

Also, in the Options under Interface there is an option “Use keycode input mode” which can be set to “symbol” or “key code” (symbol is the default). In some circumstances “key code” may work better. (For example, if you have a querty layout keyboard and also sometimes use a IME (Input Method Editor) for a different language to English.

Thanks! That solved the issue.

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