Is it possible to move without diagonally without the numpad?

The reason I am wondering that is because I have a tiny little Toshiba laptop that I bring to school for notes and such, and it doesn’t have a numpad so I am wondering if it’s possible to use the keyboard for movement?
like instead of using this: 7 8 9 I could use for example like: T Y U
4 5 6 G H J
1 2 3 B N M

If you load up a game and go into the Help menu ‘?’ and press ‘1’ to go into the ‘key mapping’ menu, and then remap the keys however you like for any action whatsoever.

not to mention once you wipe out controls you can never use the arrow keys again. :confused:

oh… but I forgot.
You could use something external… like AutoHotKey. That might help it.
I never tested it but technically it should work.

You could always just use the number keys across the top. Sure it’s not great when you are doing tons of diagonal movement, but for the occasional diagonal I use the normal old number keys across the top fairly often.

I used to do that too, it’s rather annoying.
also I just found out that you can smash,examine,etc with changed keys in the experimental version.

I started playing cata with laptop and thus learned vikeys. It’s a pretty decent way to do it IMO. If your laptop isn’t horrid, you’ll also have a numpad mapped somewhere using your special modifier key(e.g. Fn on dell laptops).

<3 VI keys