Abysmal framerate in LMOE basement?

I have a save that’s been going for several ingame months, and the framerate I get while doing anything taking a significant amount of time inside my LMOE shelter is getting pretty appalling. I do have around 300 items in there, but i’ve had more items than that in one area without problems before. I noticed it seemed to get worse around the same time I befriended a dog, but the dog is locked outside the shelter and my reality bubble now, and the framerate doesn’t seem any better. It currently takes close to 15 minutes for the game to become responsive again after going to sleep, and even crafting something that takes half an hour can take a good 30 seconds or so. I’m using build 2287, windows terminal version.

Is there anything obvious that could be causing this abysmal framerate, and what can I do to get it back to reasonable levels? I can attach the save if that would help. Thanks!

Is your LMOE shelter near an Ant nest or anything that’s spawning more and more enemies?

Actually, it’s one of the most desolate maps i’ve ever played in.

My shelter is reasonably close to a Fungal Tower, but not close enough that it’s within my reality bubble. I accidentally got close enough to see the fungal tower earlier, and only saw maybe 3-4 fungaloids. There are several fungaloids quite close to the shelter, but they seem to be maintaining a fairly stable population of 6-7 spore clouds each.

The fungal bloom can grow though… There’s a fair chance it might be effecting you. Still, wouldn’t hurt to debug check the laggy area with the world-edit menu

The most “proper” way would be to profile the application in a laggy area.
Newer binaries have gotten more laggy for me, so I’m probably going to eventually do this and post the results.

Being close to too much stuff or stepping on a tile with a lot of stuff will make your game not respond for a minute.

Those Fungal Blossoms there can/will cascade out of control if you spend any time in the area. Shouldn’t be affecting your basement, though.