[0.9 stable] zombie encountered in house basement appeared in LMOE later

Found a zombie in a house basement with cannabis plants, closed the door and left it there and then there was a zombie in my LMOE.

I really don’t know why people are reporting these as bugs.

I mean, you were not the only guy who lived, you know.

This means that this isn’t a bug, but a feature.

So you’re saying zombies randomly appearing in an existing LMOE is a feature? It wasn’t my first time there, I’ve been living there for quite some time, door were closed. I’ll take your word for it, but it seems like quite a coincidence. I’ve been in and out of it many times, the one time I left a zombie on the same z level in a basement it was waiting in the LMOE.

Wait, you mean you’ve been in the LMOE, and lived in it for a while then came across a zombie in it?

Now that’s weird.

Right. And I had just left a live zombie in a house basement before that happened. Since basements are a fairly new thing, and LMOEs share the same z-level, I assume the events are related. Thus my bug report.