Farm or LMOE shelter?

MY latest character is possibly one of the best I’ve ever had. I’m only day 12 and already I have a metabolic interchange power supply, hydraulic muscles, blood analysis, cloaking system (although it burn through power too quick to be useful), implanted night vision, finger mounted laser, and uncanny dodge. I’ve killed a zombear with my bare hands (and a bit of help from a dog). I also have a truck that i’ve almost fully repaired, and my stats are all pretty good except for first aid. I’ve got army vest, army helm, and under armor. I was using an aluminum bat most of the game, but I lost it so now i’m using a crowbar. Anyways, my character was living on a farm and I’ve been growing cannabis and blueberrys. But on day 12, I was driving around to explore my map and found a LMOE shelter. I’ve never seen one before, but I’ve always heard they’re the best. Unfortunately it’s a bit smaller than my farm, I’m not as close to water, I’m further from the mines that were near my farm so I can’t get gas as easily, and it’s pitch black down there (no major deal due to my night vision bionic, but that relies on my metabolism so it gets annoying). On the plus side it’s closer to town and seems a lot more secure. Which one should I live in?

The farm is much better in my opinion. You can easiliy fortify it, and the LMOE shelter is pitch black (athough more secure). In the older versions you could construct a frame and put some flashlights on to make a floodlight vehicle type of thing for you LMOE shelter, but now I think that they need to have a battery system to work.

I think base defence shouldn’t need to be a high priority, it’s unlikely you’ll get swarmed out of nowhere and you’re strong enough to take on any single attack. The LMOE has a bunch of good loot at the bottom and a pool of water in the basement, but if you’ve already got a base with access to water nearby then just loot the LMOE. Plus you have a truck so transportation shouldn’t be difficult.

Base defense isn’t an issue, especially if you play with static spawn, which I think is the best and the “default” mode. The late game should start spawning something to change this, maybe roving bands of terminators or death cultists.

Honestly that is an issue and something should be done about lategame. Spawn packs of zombies in random forest tiles at later times in the game, or something like that. Because this game gets so easy at the later levels it’s not fun anymore.

We’ve got various plans (roving zombie hordes, portals, etc.) but we just haven’t gotten around to implementing them yet.

the best shelter is based on location. LMOE shelter has the edge that it has water. so you dont have to go through the hassle to get more water. I find this to be a hassle by later in the game. You can get items that collect water (but you need alot of them) which are not that hard to find.

I generally like shelters that are not too far from town and are closer to water. Other than that it doesn’t matter. You don’t get hordes at your shelter yet unless you jack zombie spawns up to like 10x. After 12 days people tend to be really strong and have alot of guns/ammo. Plus you should have a vehicle with fuel nearby. Location is more important than the shelter so its less of hassle to get to things.

as you get stronger, you will start roaming. you will get into your car and move to new towns. So you will create stashes in different locations. its just not that important.

My experience with this game is admittedly limited but I found a LMOE shelter next to a river and it’s hard to imagine something ‘better.’ It’s a bit out of the way but I’ve been operating out of it for over a week with no incursions. I just use a flashlight or candle when coming or going.

Who needs lights in an LMOE (or any other underground location) when you can get full night vision as a mutation.

Yep, they do.

You could just make a bunch of lightstrips and leave them on the ground. They wouldn’t need replacing for a month or so.

LMOE shelters are good loot spots but not so good as bases, they are usually too far from a road to be useful. They also lack stuff like windows so if a jabberwock turns up the farm is a better option for defense.

Generally I like setting up a base in a garage for the metal entrance with a winch. If I set up anywhere else I usually have a palisade gate as the only entrance/exit. If there’s time and I have enough resources I like building a base from scratch in the middle of the wilderness. I wish there were more high-level items you could construct, like glass ceilings, a well for water, or even vanity items like a sofa. Melt down all those gold bars you find to make solid gold statues of yourself flanking the entryway.

Too bad there aren’t mirrors anywhere…

Mirrors would be pretty fun to have, too. Maybe you could check your appearance in them, or set them up for 360 degree visibility around your base. They shouldn’t be that hard to craft with panes of glass.

i think location is the key. it really gets old to have to walk a long way and then walk back to your shelter. when you play for a while you will learn to make multiple stashes as you move around. having a stash in a house in town in case you need to stay there is good. leave some water. some guns/ammo and some warm cloths to sleep. food is not that important since you dont die that quick from it and its easy to hunt.

the general progression of game playing is:

  1. get everything and stockpile everything in 1 place
  2. this gets old.
  3. then play games where you take more chances and fight more. work out more strategies. die some
  4. then you realize you only need certian things and so much stuff. you make marks on your map where stuff is, but dont get it
  5. set up several smaller stashes,
  6. get a car and start travelling around to waste more zombies and explore. you pretty much know what you need and what you can find

the LMOE has a water source. All you need to do is bottle the shallow water in the little cave-like room and boil it.
LMOE is superior, but the darkness can be a bit frustrating after a while.
Farms are okay but not as safe as they seem. Having a barn and farming field is pretty awesome though.
Still if I had to choose, going with LMOE.

It would be nice if more involved farming was implemented. I’d love to play post-cataclysm Harvest Moon/Farming Simulator 20XX.

post that in suggestions. I think that sounds like an interesting mod.