LMOE related error

Second time I’ve had this, not game breaking (as far as I can tell) but it seems to pop up everytime an LMOE shelter enters the reality bubble (I think).

Might not just be LMOE related, the game just failed to spawn a toxic waste dump too.

Are you on a conoe by chance when you spawn? I have not built one in a few real months to recall.

Contemplating the world space being bugged,yet being able to spawn you a canoe would be hilarious xD
Game learning a sense of humor? 0_0

I actually built the boat, all forage and survival stuff :+1:

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Ok. Just checkin. Made me smile though :wink:

Had sarcophagus not spawn in world but shoved on map. I think it was the same error.

Had the same error as you.