Abrahms Martial Arts

Err, finished Heavy Knight the same night (at the cost of a really sore arm). Testing the mod now in the latest experimental version.

Moved testing to 0.F stable.
Bojutsu still working fine, still my preferred style. Probably the strongest of the styles in this mod, but also my strongest and best-trained style IRL.

Blacksmith seems to be borked somehow. My test character has level 13 Fabrication, and should have the huge level 13 bonuses, but there’s no indication that any of the buffs are active (they should be showing in the character info screen), and she struggles against geese and beavers, while a group of zombie soldiers she should have been OHKing gave her a really rough time. Cart rev and Hammerfall don’t seem to be procing at all.

Spear looks good, using a dragon qiang, though I haven’t found many monsters to test it on. But it was pretty effective against a bloodbank mosquito and a milspec searchlight.