Ability to Stomp (smash) out Fires

Potentially fun and realistic ability to stomp out small fires with the smash command, sort of like the way you can put out a campfire by kicking the logs around, or put out a newspaper fire by just crushing it out.

Would only work with shoes or hardened feet mutations, and even so there would be chance to burn yourself if the shoe coverage isn’t good. Would only generally work with small fires, but can be attempted with fires but there’s a chance of lighting yourself on fire. Might require fireproof pants as well. Raging fires no chance.



inb4 dousing puke.

So… no one has ever thought of this before? Dang. I really thought somone did and it never got made. Anyways, TOTALLY YES

It’s probably easy to implement.
If someone were to write a good, well thought of algorithm of how it should work, I could write up a PR and see what devs think of the idea.

By “algorithm” I mean things like time taken per stomp, chance of item damage (involving item’s fire resistance - no way nomex boots will ever get damaged by fire), chance of player damage (using relevant clothing’s environmental resistance), chance of fire dying/dropping to small fire (possibly with penalty for bad stats/survival skill), possibly also using items other than just boots (we could then have a nomex blanket to “smash” non-small fires).

By “well thought” I mean spending at least 5 minutes thinking up different scenarios like “unskilled clumsy survivor in firefighter gear trying to stomp out regular fire” or “naked masochist survivalist stomping hot coals” and thinking about what would algorithm do with those stats, what would be the chance of success and how bad would be the damage.

Fires in a wood stove shouldn’t be stompable because the fire is contained in a steel container.

The material of the shoe should count as well. Steel toed boots should be the best because they have metal on the inside (or some bionic shoe thing), and i would guess sneakers and sandals would be the worst because they are made of cotton and dont cover everything.

Keep in mind the smallest fire right now is the size of a campfire. There’s a PR to add smaller fires waiting in the wings.