Fire resistant armor does not resist fire

Bunker gear probably shouldn’t be destroyed by small fires.

Confirming that fire can destroy some bunker gear.
Put 100 nomex patches, 50 planks, turnout coat, boots and trousers on one tile. Let the fire rise to raging and then die out. Boots were burned, while coat and trousers remained unharmed.
Both trousers and coat have “Nomex, Kevlar materials”, while boots have “Plastic, Nomex”. PBA masks will also burn, but firefighter belts will not.

This is because fire in src/field.cpp explicitly tests for it->made_of(“Plastic”) to determine how well things burn and how much smoke they produce, so no item partially made of plastic (or wool, cotton, wood etc.) can ever be fire resistant, no matter the other material’s fire resistance.

Try wearing them, I tried boosting the the fire resistance factor of nomex to 100 (from 10), and despite that a full fire resistant suit (Made only of Nomex) was damaged the first turn I stepped into a small fire.

KNOWN. I’ve repeatedly verified it myself. We’ve not had the time to fix it.

Thanks for reporting.