A wreak Idea/ Starting senario

So one Idea I just had. so far i have only seen helicopter crashes. I think having some plane crashes would being cool. Ranging from small personal planes to fighter jets. to full one cargo/commercial planes. the senario is just being a plane crash survivor. tho with diffrent kind ranging from a jet/military/industrial cargo plane or a normal commercial plane(with the first three having limits on character but that last one being limitless


Your chances of surviving a wreck like that are pretty slim, and to find the medical attention to save yourself would be atsronomical in the Cataclysm, but it would be pretty cool anyways.

Oh yeah it would have the same survival problems of the already existing crash landing. And i would say the crash still has a mostly intact hull. not flyable at the least it’s going to be missing parts like a wing and tail end but by and large the parts would be close and the base hull is whole (intact no but few holes)
so while it would take a lot of repairs they would make great bases. being fairly large. 3 seats in a row on each side. a walkway. storage room, cockpit and strong powerful engines

note the jet engines would be damaged and need to be moddifed for use in cars and the plane crashes would be a rare find in spawn