Is it normal for a helicopter crash to have no helicopter?

So I just booted up the helicopter crash scenario in the latest experimental and for some reason there’s only metal wreckage all over the place. There is no “vehicle” and not even any zombies in it.

Its possible, I’ve encountered a couple. Seems like the entire helicopter disintegrated. As far as I know, the surviving parts are randomized, so its possible to roll “everything dies”


Man. It’s impressive to survive a helicopter disintegration with relatively minor injuries.

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You fell out mid crash.

Yeah, but it’s funnier to imagine it otherwise.

to survive a total disintegrated helicopter with minor injuries is very low, around 4% up to 7%.

or maybe the passenger cabin was intact and before crash you managed to lay down on the seat. that possible tho.

I’m no physicist but i’m pretty sure you’d still be falling at the same rate as the helicopter if you jumped out. its why jumping in a elevator won’t save you (at least if you didn’t extreme strength to counter the inertia)

True, but maybe the pilot managed to pull up enough at the last minute and the explosion was the cause of the debris.

That’s fairly plausible, actually. Autorotation landings are a thing.