Air Vehicles!

I think when X-levels are more implemented, there should be awesome air-vehicles!

  • Airports with broken, or low-fueled planes and helicopters scattered around the run way!
  • New books you could find in librarys or schools or something that give you piloting skill!
  • Various sized planes and helicopters, full-fledged cargo planes to bi-planes, helicopters small to large!
  • New buildings, airports! Make it 3X1 long for a runway, with maybe a 1X1 next to it for the actual airport, have us have to know where other airports are so we have a place to land safetly!
  • Have planes/helicopters HARD to drive! As in, not only would be need in-game skill, but actual skill in being a pilot of a plane or helicopter, more so than driving basic cars and trucks.

I can imagine having a small helicopter with NPCs in it when they would be better fleshed out, landing on roof-tops of hospitals and raiding for supplies! Or landing outside a town for a raid!

Filling a cargo plane with a car for transporting it across long stretches of land without having to waste gas driving the car.

I think this would be really awesome, but again, airports wouldn’t be everywhere of course, and you’d have to manually do things such as cleaning an airway for takeoff by removing the wreckage, making sure you don’t run out of fuel mid-flight or something! Hell, I think it’d be awesome if there was a military airport that had bomber-planes you could fix up and bomb towns, or later on, enemy faction bases!

-Edit! I just thought of how cool it’d be to be in a crashing plane, and jumping out with a parachute or something! I can’t be the only one who thinks it would be cool.

I like this idea completely, it would make traveling cross country to the west coast much more viable. I don’t see it getting implemented soon, since we only have one story houses and basements, so it may take some time.

If planes and airports get implemented, but flying up doesn’t, I just want to be able to use a jet as a car and just taxi for a while. Or the option to attach a jet engine to my death fortress.

Oh my god. I can see it now. Cataclysm players taking jet engines and welding them to their cars.

[quote=“Moral Grey Area, post:4, topic:1766”]Oh my god. I can see it now. Cataclysm players taking jet engines and welding them to their cars.[/quote]YES. What’d be even more fun would be creating a reinforced, sharpened propeller and mounting it to the car’s frame and engine. This would be an exquisite way to paint the landscape with a lovely mist of zombie innards as far as the eye can see.

Oh, and zombie strikes in your jet engines would be… problematic. Just sayin’.

AND GIANT ZEPPELINS, ready to use or to explore, as they randomly fly around without direction…

… damn. Random zombie rain. .-.