Still Think that the helecopter crash start is too good

You start out with 9 points AND have like 8 or so GOOD cbm’s, a kickass rifle with 100 bullets for it, pretty decent starting clothes and all you pay for all of this is random damage to various limbs?

I think the area around the wreck should also be on fire and you should have at LEAST one crippled limb. preferably an arm so that you HAVE the awesome rifle, but you cant use it until you heal your arm.

Or possibly a ‘surrounded start’ tag to go with the fire, to simulate the Z’s attracted to the ungodly sound of the Chopper crashing.

I suggested using a “surrounded start” flag as a balancing factor, yes. Who’s the maniac that thought that suggestion was a BAD idea? ;A;

Also, I still think the scenario description sounds poorly-worded, and the profession options are downright weird. What, is it still JUST a normal survivor and a bionic soldier? Did the person who added this forget that you don’t HAVE to use the default survivor in a scenario?

A situation like this should be a traumatic and dangerous event to survive and to CONTINUE surviving after the initial crash. yet it feels very… easy… I had to change my starting season to winter to feel like this scenario was at all challenging.

Agreed. At minimum we need to add the surrounded start. Hmm. Hell, I could just do it myself. >.>

I think it was added to showcase some new mechanical change, though I forgot what kind of change was it.

Lowering the point bonus heavily would help with balancing. 2 points sound good. As in, 2 point bonus, not current bonus - 2.

Or we could go the sane route and change the class selection to only military professions, and add SUR_START.

We might still need to determine point cost, but that should also make the current point cost less idiotic.