A Talking Weapon?

Would it be possible to make a Talking Weapon? Or item that if in a player’s inventory, it would speak random stuff in the log. I can imagine a sword or maybe even a gun tell you stuff while bashing or blasting a zombie to bits. Almost like a Cataclysm dda’s version of Lilacor from Balder’s gate. It would make the kinda lonely roads of Cataclysm a little more amusing (or annoying in Lilacor’s case). Would it be cool or no?

As a very rare easter egg, probably.

Or singing sword (just add mp3-player) or talking sword (add radio)?
Naturally the Father of Talking Swords IS Stormbringer.

A dull or a bladeless hilt of a NPC sword that gives you a quest. Once you complete the quest, the sword either becomes sharper and/or has a blade.