A small issue with moon-lit grace and arcana(edited title)

Right, so something weird has happened that is very hard to reproduce, but if you do get it right then having the vampirism mutation moon-lit grace will make you permanently invisible to everything unless they’re right next to you.

Basically, it involves the incorruptible sword and its abilities while active. I’m not entirely sure if it is an inherent ability of the sword or simply because I’ve had moon-lit grace since basically the start of my guy’s existence, but if it’s active then it becomes more damaging, makes light, can set things on fire, and makes you invisible to things unless they’re right next to you. That last part is very important for this btw. I’ve only noticed this happening because I’m used to the sword making me invisible while it was on, and not me being perma-invisible even while it is off and in its baldric.

Somehow, at some point, the sword’s invisibility will latch onto the mutation, and as long as you have that mutation then nothing will ever become aware of your existence unless you’re in their face. A secondary weird part is that this effect extends to NPCs that are your followers. So everyone that follows you is invisible as well. A third weird thing is that if you lose the mutation, at which point this effect goes away, and you gain the mutation again, then this effect comes back into play. So basically once this happens your game will permanently have the invisibility effect be part of the moon-lit grace mutation, and the only way for this to go away is to lose the mutation. An interesting thing is that the sword doesn’t make you invisible anymore if you don’t have this mutation, but it was a feature while it was on earlier in my game while having the mutation, so maybe it isn’t an inherent ability of the sword.

I’ve tested this through debug too. Only losing this single mutation removes the effect and no other mutation loss or addition does anything about it, so it’s not simply a matter of a character sheet update. New characters getting this mutation doesn’t achieve the same effect if they only have the mutation btw. It has to involve a combination of using the sword while it’s active and the mutation. I’ve permanently removed this mutation from my character for the time being, since it is causing problems with playing the game as it is meant to be.

I don’t expect anything to be done about this since I’m not even sure if these mods are still being worked on, but I just wanted to put this somewhere so that people know.

how do you get moonlit grace?, i just checked both of the mutation files of arcana and vamp stuff (and vamp stuff+arcana) and cant seem to find that mutation.

And both kind of are still active, Arcana is being updated frequently (at least once per week on average from what i have seen) vamp stuff has been recently updated too, in this month, and his creator is active in the forum.

In case you are are sure thos mod are having that bug i suggest you make an issue in the github from the corresponding mod

Moon-lit grace is from C.R.I.T expansion.

ohh… so he mean vampiric stuff in a general way, not in the mod name… my bad

Please drop an issue on Arcana’s github repo. I’m not sure how active Chaosvolt is on the forums. You could try creating an issue on Cataclysm’s github repo but since it’s a 3rd party mod interaction, they may refer you to arcana’s repo.

edit: Title clarified, for clarity.