Arcana mod question: How to become a "Paragon of the Veil?"

I’ve been messing around with the debug stuff for a while for the sake of lols and to see just how godly a single person can become in the Cataclysm, and I installed the Arcana mod a while back to up the anty. However, these little mutations have made me curious for a while and I finally decided on giving them to myself and see what they did and, and as far as I could tell they did… nothing.

Well, nothing short of lowering my INT by 3 for each one I activated, which I did so like how you would activate a mutation. Nothing happened except the lower INT which went away when I took the powers away or used the angel ring. Any tips on how to get these powers without being a dirty little cheater and having them actually work?

Yes, I also gave my self the Paragon of the Veil mutation, and that did nothing.

Please and thanks a ton to anyone who can enlighten me to this stuff.

There is a sword you can get and fix that allows you to become the paragon of the veil, and using it gives you the mutations as well. The mutations produce a fake artifact that reduces your stats when held but can be activated to produce the listed effect. The stat reduction is to prevent you from carrying around a dozen of them ready to go.


Ah. That would be the sword you find in one of the locations, the one you have to uncorrupt right? Thanks for the info.