A (Much less interesting) Problem with NPCs, a Hulk, and pretty much nothing else (Sorta a sequel to: A ((Basically)Finished) Saga...)

(You know the drill, you can skip this.)
Much less of a continuation though, much to my dismay, the home mechanic, while trying to find a quicker way to reach the loot, town; he managed to find a random wolf, of which he decided to fight with his cudgel. This obviously resulted in (with my duffel bag + backpack) in the wolf tearing my legs apart, (otherwise known as breaking them). I then found my character in the middle of a dog pack… I fought my body off for a good in-game hour, before giving up and trying to light the forest on fire. They ran away… Except for the moose that noticed my dire situation and soon torn my torso apart…

(Once again, you can skip, not the issue I want to mention.)
Welp, I tried, and died once again, this time in a much more violent way, and not even from a zombie… Decided to do another because why not, and decided to play the first random character that showed up. Got a (Construction?) Cyborg with some pretty neat stuff, evac as a normal routine. Checked the computer for refugee shelter; it mentions it as (72 NW) I thought “Wow, only 72 tiles away? That pretty close”. Checked the map: surprised to find the refugee camp was actually only 4 spaces away from the Evac shelter (Guess my guy was pretty good at being deaf and hiding to not get on a bus for it).

(Just breaking for an easier read, you can skip)
Got a quest from the evac static, who wanted antibiotics, I said sure, got him to follow me (with a 37% chance, wow). Got him out of the shelter, where he stopped following my character… Pretty sure that’s a bug, but who cares, I’ve got a refugee center to meet! Went there, did all the misc. stuff of reading backstories, and getting quests, one of which was clearing out the back bay, said sure, and was intimidated by the mentioning of “…he turned into something else…” and “We threw all our dead back there…” so I scavved for some better loot, went back, slept, and woke up to one of the guards firing shots at a zombie that was in the bathroom? (Bug?)

(Another break, can skip)
Decided to finally clear out the back bay, figured “I’ve got enough skills to do all that, and I’ve got a guard to back me up!” went back there… Crawler and shocker… Wow, couldn’t have asked for more of a good lead up in quest dialogue, and a dissapointing fight… At least there was loot? Thought about rather than pick up everything and drop it with advanced inventory, to try out the hauling function, which was a big mistake, as it was almost 30 in game minutes of my character moving everything one tile… But the my issue arrived-

(My issue, don’t skip…)
While hauling all the zombies had managed to scrap, my character heard a bunch of yelling, gunshots, smashing, and basically death overall… at the end, I got the message “Save the Merchant Caravan: Failed” and of course immediately knew what happened to the merchant… Went to apparently where it all had happened and found lots of casing, blood, and a hulk zombie, who had managed to smash through a heavily reinforced window, killed the food rations old guard (who cares, he was no fun anyway) and managed to break through a brick wall and pummel my merchant to death, then it broke into the main area to obliterate two beggars (furry dude, damn, he was at least nice to everyone else, and the crazy pillow fort/cardboard dude, who was also pretty cool) before getting mowed down by the two entrance guards.

(My questions on the issue, don’t skip)
Was the merchant quests central to the refugee quest? Like will I never be able to go downstairs now? Couldn’t I spawn another through debug, would that cause more issues with my game? I mean I still have the old guard recruiter and a doctor that wants something from a hospital (and the static that wanted to stay at the evac shelter, but f##k that dude anyway). How would I fix this?

Luckily, I don’t have a project to do too…

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Should have dumped your duffle bag and backpack. Then you probably would have cudgled the wolf to death much easier and wouldn’t have lost all your stuff. I dunno if you’ve ever snooped into the @ menu but you can tap over to your encumberence and you’l find even as low as 30 encumberence can have a dramatic impact on your stats and it only gets A LOT worse from there. Stuff like 80+% penalties to melee rolls for example when wearing your duffle+pack. Can’t comment on any of the npc quest stuff having never found the refugee center and not having much luck making friends with my characters so I hope your not boned. Funny that it’s literally two feet away though. Usually for me it’s sitting like 6-8 cities away minimum.

Yeah, you just have to set the world to reset each time, actually makes a new map each time. Thats what happened with my last couple of characters.

Yeah, I think it was only my backpack, but when I finally decided to drop my backpack, the wolf was already almost dead, and my legs were already broken.

Welp, another unorthodox death, went to a homeless camp, started to dissasemble the wood stove, and while that happened my safe thing didn’t go off until a smoker zombie was right on top of me… Then a acidic and kid zombie jumped out of the forest along, all while I had a stupid backpack on, and it was way too late to drop it… Let’s just say my legs didn’t feel great while melting in acid.

Oh I hate it when that happens, once you get smoked running will be hella hard. Add in acid and GG even if the smoke alone isn’t. I hate deaths like that when it’s just game systems not working properly that cause deaths.

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Oh yeah, the smoke can render them invisible so they don’t trip safe mode. It’s unlikely, since they’re basically running towards the near edge of their own smoke trail, but if you’re unlucky they’ll get all the way to you before popping out.

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