A Few More Typos

Hi guys, here are a few more typos for you:

Pipe Bomb - ‘Use this item with to…’ - Just needs the with taking out.

Dissasembing - Any item that can be taken apart appears to have a total misspelling of the word disassembling.

Finally, there is another one which, unfortunately, I didn’t note down when I came across it. It’s called something like the ‘collar clip’, and is described as something that a gentleman would wear. However, somewhere in its description, there is a grammatical error, so if you can find the item, read through the description and see if you can spot it. Meanwhile, I will keep looking for it in-game. This one was really very pedantic, but then we do want the game to be as awesome as possible, don’t we… :smiley:

Edit - I could use the debug menu to get the item I can’t find, but I can’t work out how to get it to work in my game…

You can go to the controls menu and assign an unused key to it. Or doesn’t it work for you?

I can get to the help menu, but from then on I can’t work out how to reassign keys… :wink:

Edit - Oops, you said controls menu! Okay, I’ll have another look. Thanks…

Alright, handy dandy thing is the CDDA Item Browser. It auto updates every time a new experimental comes out and has all the info on items. You don’t need to use the debug to look up items.

The typo in question comes from the collar pin item, in red:

“A staple accessory for gentlemen. Keeps your shirt collar in place and provide a more aesthetically pleasing arc to your necktie.”

It should be provides instead.

Wow, totally awesome man!

Except that I do feel a bit stupid now, seeing as I was using the CDDA Item Browser just the other day, and forgot all about it… :wink:

Anyway, thanks for finding the typo for me. You rock! :smiley:

Have just seen that these are fixed in the latest PR. Thanks Rivet! :smiley: