Crude & Improvised Tools Mod

Crude & Improvised adds new items and recipes, including tools and containers so far. The new tools are all low-tier. Better than stone tools, but worse than the originals.

They’re made from common ingredients, disassembled from things like doors, fridges, TV’s, tables… y’know, household stuff.

I imagine a neo-primitive would use things like this. They’re half-tribal, half-modern. Things like hammers, made from bricks attached to a pipe.

How it affects the game

In-game, it can make the starting hours very different.

With this mod, you can usually make most tools from within your first house. Being able to make crude tools from the beginning makes it possible to really bunker down from the start. You can reinforce windows using a crude hammer, build walls using a crude saw, and more.

If you want to play a very crafty game, this mod is for you.

I plan to keep on adding to this file as I play. Sometimes I’ll want to make something, and it’s just easier for me to pause and add it as a modded item.

Let me know what kind of content you’d like to see with this next.

  • More crude items (neo-primitive)
  • More improvised items (household)
  • More junk items (apocalypse)

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  • More tools
  • More armors
  • More weapons

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Thanks for the interest so far. I’ve added a crude jackhammer, which operates from a metal jackhammer tip as “fuel”.

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Added an improvised lift, which can be used to mount heavy things onto vehicles, like Aftershock’s mountable common fridges, for situations such as apartment building rooftop solar fridges. The first vehicle item from this mod!

It’s an alternative lift that doesn’t require welding. Although it does take 3 fabrication, 3 mechanics.

Requires 2 pipes, 2 drive belts (or makeshift drive belts).

Inspired by:

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