Things to power with generators

With PR #4665, vehicles can now be idled which means charging batteries without a moving vehicle (ie. power generators).

Storage batteries can also be transferred from above ground solar cells to be used to power devices.

I added a floodlight, and made the minifridge work, but I’m sure there’s more cool stuff we can do with that.

What would YOU like to see in terms of powerable stuff not typically on vehicles?
Things akin to the fridge or floodlight.
If they are good ideas, I’ll make it happen.

Maybe a sort of combined cooling/heating system that keeps the environment in a certain radius around it at comfortable levels. Some sort of electrified plating, so you could rig up an electric fence around your base? I’d like to have rechargeable batteries that could be recharged with solar power, but I’m not sure how hard that would be to implement.

The inside of your vehicle is already climate controlled. I want a radio in my vehicle, both for music and receiving broadcasts.

If you’re feeling particularly creative, a power umbilical for powered armor. XD

I’d also like if there were more ways to charge up a storage battery than through solar power. Maybe a steam generator with charcoal, or a foot-crank powered generator, or crafting some sort of giant battery with large enough amounts of concentrated acid. Also, how about an electronic door system?

Also, how about an electronic door system?

I like the idea of electronic doors. What would they do though?
That’s also given me the idea of CCTV cameras and the like, plus working TVs or Computers.

And also an instrusion alarm that alerts you when someone bad enters.

Air conditioning will have to be a thing, sorta like a fire but a much bigger radius and makes you feel comfortable.

Some sort of electrified plating, so you could rig up an electric fence around your base?
An electric fence would consume way too much power to be viable, I think.

Static batteries will come soon.

If you're feeling particularly creative, a power umbilical for powered armor. XD
Maybe not!

I’m thinking perhaps an autodoc or something similar that can heal your wounds and cure disease.
A kettle and toaster are other options.

Probably not feasible but can it power a water heater so I can finally take a hot shower? I can deal with the zombies, the radioactive fallout, and everything else about this damn cataclysm but I really need a hot shower.

I’m actually planning to make washing a thing!

Probably not the most useful thing around in Cataclysm, but I’d love to see a generator-powered tennis ball launcher. You could even use it to pummel zombies with hall of tennis ball, and maybe with some modifications rocks and pebbles too!

I’d kind of like a way to automate some of the longer, grindier processes. Like, say, charcoal production. Maybe an automated kiln that could be loaded up with wood, and spit out charcoal when examined after a certain period. Not sure what other processes would fit the bill.

Also one of those metal compactor things that you find behind hardware stores, those would be pretty useful. Actually more mass recycling units would be fun to have, like maybe a shredder that automatically turns fabric loaded into it into rags, or a wood chipper that turns logs into 2x4s, and then 2x4s into skewers.

Ideally I’d like most of these to be craftable constructions/furniture, but in the absence of that, vehicle-mounted and powered items are the next best thing

Absolute must is being able to power the cooker/fridge!! This’d be really helpful!

Electric fences could realistically be charged - I’ve seen ones done with diesel generators- although I’m not sure how strong they are (although I’m sure enough to stop NPCs when they’re put in)

Electric/powered doors could just be really tough doors, although they could possibly auto close as soon as you’d gone through them as an extra bonus (possibly trapping zombies behind)? They’d also become more useful if all metal doors were powered, or required a certain level of strength to move (in the case of military bases and whatever)

We still need a thread that invents the “Solar energy -> usable batteries” item.
The generator can charge UPS’ or power said item. Or just bluntly spit out batteries with an installed thing-a-ma-jig.
Can we disassemble car batteries with charge into regular batteries? Yum.

-Regular fridges.
-televisions (maybe).

On the subject of Solar UPS and Batteries…

You can’t “siphon” batteries from cars. it doesn’t work like that. Not to mention it’d be hideously OP. That said it might not be a bad idea to have 1 to 3 new items (plus the solar UPS that was described in a different thread)

Small (100), Medium (250), and Large (500) Universal Rechargeable Battery Units (URBU) You wouldn’t be able to unload them however you could ‘siphon’ power from cars, or the solar UPS into it and use it as a size battery.

The solar UPS was described in another thread in a similar fashion (a non-unloadable UPS that ‘charged’ in the sun.) Perhaps combine this with the URBUs and include the “Universal Power Supply Adapter” mod for electronics…

[quote=“VampyreLord, post:12, topic:4211”]-Regular fridges.
-televisions (maybe).[/quote]
For the time being the “Kitchen Unit” covers Ovens, Microwaves, Toasters, etc from a functionality standpoint. (They come with all the “tools” you’d need to do whatever with food, and the FoodCo Kitchen Buddy covers the rest.) Some powered entertainment items in vehicles would be nice… XDD (I could put a TV in the RMCC in game and not just in my shitty Sketchup render… XD)

Electric steering!

I dunno. Computers!

If I understand you right, you’re saying powered equipment for non-vehicular use? If so…

space heater: works like a Wood Stove but doesn’t make light and draws electric power instead of burning fuel.
cable network: doesn’t do anything on its own, but creates an area of effect in which any ground-activated electrical device draws power off of its power supply, rather than needing an independent battery. Builds out of a bunch of copper Wire.
pump network: place adjacent to Deep Water. Builds out of an Electric Motor, a Water Purifier, and a bunch of pipes. Doesn’t do anything on its own.
faucet: place within 20 squares of a Pump Network. Provides access to Clean Water (a la RV Kitchen Unit) by drawing power from the Pump Network.
hot tub: lots of heat (like standing next to a pink fire) localized to a 2x2 area that also makes you Wet
Decoy: creates an automated fake NPC (blue @?) that zombies can’t tell isn’t the real thing. Builds out of some 2x4s, scrap metal, an Electric Motor, boots, hat, glasses, mask, jacket, pants, chunk of meat, and a Talking Doll. Build it near some spike pits and an emergency light for maximum hilarity.
Stereo: produces an area of effect “listening to music” buff at the price of small power draw and significant Noise.

These ones would actually go on vehicles, but I’ll mention them here anyway:
Hoist (or if you prefer, Forklift. They’d have the same functionality.): activate to (1) load an adjacent tile’s items into cargo without having to lift them yourself, or (2) remove items from cargo and deposit them on an adjacent square.
Backhoe: activate on an adjacent tile to (1) turn it into a Pit or to turn a Pit into a Deep Pit in a few turns, rather than twenty minutes. (2) create a Pile of Dirt for planting.

Yeah, maybe we can power a robot that plays the game for you. Or, better yet, power something that just lets you win the game. Yup, win the game.

I’ve always wanted to push a locker into a car and drive it to my next base…

Electricity to fussion converters
Weed farm
Chicken farm
Advanced automated door/turret/drawbridge/turret/laser tower controls
Farm sprinklers

3D printer!

…I want to put a hot-tub in the RMCC now…