Jury Rigged Stove

How about being able to hook a electric range (aka eletric oven) up to a car battery or such to power it? Shouldn’t take much skill at all and would be a good way to get yourself a working stove.
Copper Wires
Eletrical Tape (maybe?)
Car Battery or such.
And some sort of oven.

Mnmghnghrngh… you’ll need a circuit to manipulate the power output and a power storage for the hotplate.
Other than that, oven-cooking requires high air temperatures - an equivalent of a minifridge, perhaps (vice-versa).
Hope it helps.

I was thinking more of using the electrical range on top, not using the oven itself, but I suppose you could. Though now that I think about it you could use this idea with a fridge too…

Don t we have a kitchen unit already and doesn t it do exactly that? Whats special about this stove if you do not use the oven ?

Maybe I move from place to place and don’t wanna carry a kitchen unit, or oven with me? :slight_smile:

Carry a hotplate or mess kit instead. Kitchen unit is a bit heavy :slight_smile:

Yeah but a hotplate will run out of juice faster than a car battery

i just carry a pan an light whatever is nearby on fire to cook xD

Its rather easy and there is an abundance of wood to burn in the cities.
And other stuff all arround xD
If your traveling arround with a car there as said before already is a kitchen unit atachable to a car.

I think Miloch was thinking of a furniture object that acted as a stove/fireplace, you know?

Yeah, after all, there is more than one way to cook a dog.

Yeah, the idea was something that would give you another way to do this but also made sense. Now I’m no electrician so if you have to change the voltage/amperage coming off that battery then yeah, might not work.

You could build a vehicle with a kitchen unit and battery and leave the rest up to your imagination.
I myself see no problem at all with this because a vehicle chassis may pretty much work quite similiar to a peace of furniture. You could call your vehicle rigged stove for some extra atmosphere xD. Even irl this would be pretty close to what has been suggested?

Eh, making an actual thing for a stove seems like a nice alternative.

An electric oven can have ~2-4 KW power consumption, while a hotplate, ~1-2 KW.
(so there is clearly a problem if the hotplate takes 5 charges of flashlight battery (flashlight uses up maybe 100W, lets say for 2hrs max = 0.2KWh) to cook somthing but nvm)

Now i’m not a car electrician, but a google search gives car battery capacity at ~50-100 Ah. (12V batteries)
This means a max capacity of 100Ah*12V = 1,2KWh. Sounds reasonable.
Let’s say its the future, so maybe increase that by ~30-50% and say typical car battery is 1,5KWh, and electric car’s is 15KWh.

This means, that at 1KW power consumption (hotplate), you’d run a charged car battery dry in 1,5 hour, while with the oven (assuming 3KW) it would run out in half an hour.
So they ARE inefficient to use from car batteries.

So, why do we have RV kitchen units you ask, since they, too are using up lots of battery power?
Tbh, a google search brings up the fact that most RV stoves use propane. (And i’d like to have them replace about 80% of the current kitchen units - if the devs agree)

Some RV’s have electics though, i agree, but these just use up huge amounts of power, and have bigger batteries to handle them.

So… IMO, do not make more high consumption things like electric ovens run on car batteries.
Instead, add propane/natural gas and have the player find propane ovens, or convert an electric one to use propane. (a project that needs good mech+fabr skills.)

…and add propane stoves to RV’s, and make electric ones (and hotplates to use up lots more power)

The idea is for another jury rig.

what i’m trying to say, is that hooking up an electric oven to a car battery is not gonna work.
even if you were a good engineer, and managed to create (with inverters) the 180V/60Hz (i think USA has this) or the 220V/50Hz (most of EUR) from a DC power source (battery), the battery should last for an hour MAX.

The point is that if you want to be able to convert an electric oven, convert it to use propane, or gasoline maybe.

It would be nice to find propane tanks, even toss/shoot them

That’s great and all, but propane and such don’t exist in game. You’re not trying to run it for extended periods of time. An hour is fine. Is it an hour of the oven or is it an hour of the electric range on top?

electric range.
oven is 30 mins.
(and this means you gotta fully recharge your car battery afterwards…)

Problem is that its inefficient, since the recharging of the battery could take 5-10 days, just to cook for an hour. (with solars)

PS. The current balance is not like that, i guess for gameplay reasons, since RV kitchen units, whereas more efficient than your typical electric kitchen, would not last for very long with the drain we are talking about.

PS2. Propane could be added, not too hard to do… framework is almost in place (pretty similar to gasoline, only when leaks, it should dissarear rather than stay on the ground)
I can see it spawning in all kinds of stores and houses, and maybe in some gas stations in larger quantities…

Anyway, i have nothing more to add to the case…
i do agree it could be done, sure (with mech & fab & electronics around 8), but IRL it would be really inefficient (unless you got too much gasoline and charge batteries with a generator.)


Now that i think of it, having it run directly off a generator is perfectly doable and would work just fine.
It would also need lower skills, smth like fab 3, mech 3 i guess… (that’s b/c batteries charge on DC power, while generators produce and kitchens use AC)

From what I’ve read an electric range uses high resistance metals and a DC current through it. This is basically what a heating element is. I’ve been a telephone switch technician in the US Army and to do this I had a mobile switch and had to understand the basics of electricity. Yes, it would not be the most efficient in the world. But it WOULD work. And we already do things that should not be terribly efficient in game. This and jury rigging a refrigerator shouldn’t be too bad. Maybe it should use multiple batteries, I don’t know. But when you can’t find a hotplate then this wouldn’t be a horrible alternative in a pinch.