55 gallon drum - big and heavy problem

So… i have attached a funnel to a 55 gallon drum. Now it is full of rain water and i obviously cant lift it. Is there any way to transfer the liquid to another container as it seems that the drum cant be dragged anywhere.

You can always use advanced inventory management to move such heavy items.
But yes, we should have an option to use rubber hose or even pump to transport liquids from large containers or attach water faucet to them.

One thing to note is that rain water isn’t always 100% clean now. Personally, I would still boil or purify it in some other manner. So, you can build a nice little fire next to the drum and siphon off portions by making clean water, tea, broth, coffee, etc.

I actually had the same problem earlier, so i switched to using several smaller containers (ex. plastic jerrycans)