[32x32] MSX DEAD PEOPLE Tileset

put folder with tileset in your gfx folder

i dont want to bother you but why does it look weird?

Can it be that the texture for the fridge and the freezer is confuse?
In my game the frigde has a little blue ice symbol on it.

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Speaking for that fridge, I love the tileset as always, but a lot of these new graphic feel out of place with the existing ones. I think it’s due to the usage of pure black lines. Using that screenshot as reference, most the older graphic don’t have this aspect, using instead darker shades to convey edges.

What i mean is, that i think the textures for the frigde an the freezer have to be switched.
I like the textures! But i the the fridge looks more than a freezer and the other way the freezer looks more like a fridge to me…

I was more giving general feedback SDG rather than replying to you. Sorry for the confusion. I do agree with how they looked swapped though.


Yeah-- those must be swapped on accident, the two-door thing is the fridge (with a small freezer on top) :smiley:

It is wrong all around. What you got there are vehicle parts. And it is minifridge and minifreezer.
Minifridge should not look like it does, and neither should minifreezer.
You will see fixes for both of them in next tileset update.


Edit:To anyone having this issue, check your RAM. Turned out I had a bad chip and 2GB didnt cut it for the tileset.

A good addition to your tileset/ movement , i. My humble opinion. Would be a Alien bioarmor or Bio armor from other side of portal. That works like a CBM . Only with a cooldown and possibility of passing out after use. I was thinking something like the Guyver. An old school anime I watched as a child. HOB-FIG-3484_01_large


SDG, wanted to notify you that there are plenty of new non-tiled monsters from My Sweet Cataclysm (Marshmellow guys, lol) and Aftershock (Bloodhound drones, etc), thanks for continuing to update your awesome tileset, mate

I guess I wasn’t using the most up-to-date version. Thank you so much! I’m very grateful for the work you’ve done

What does look weird?

He’s using sepia for unseen tiles instead of darkened.

All new Aftershock monsters will be added today.

Sweet cataclysm i do not know. For me it just beyond silly, i just do not have the mood to draw stuff for it.


Hehe, i understand you, i’m just gonna edit your JSON file to make them use zombie tiles instead, right, it’s very silly, hehe

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