[32x32] MSX DEAD PEOPLE Tileset



Haha, nice to see Mshock back around these parts. I stil remember using your tileset, before guys like Chezzo and SomeDeadGuy came along… :smiley:


Will you be adding new sprites for the new zombies when 0.D arrives?


Good morning, 0.D already arrived. :slight_smile:
What new zambis are you talking about?


There’s no new zombies, it’ basically just a changelog for the current experimental version to become stable default one. (I beleive) because burner zombies were removed way before when I started (beginning of 2018 at least)


I see. I misread then Chang e log


There are two new ones in experimental: https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/pull/28174


Now i need to redraw scientists too. They no longer look and move like humans. Working…


Will you be looking into improving the mutation sprites in the future?
I mean, the lizard scales mutation looks like a checkerboard and less like scales, as one example.
Made a sample (made for MSX++, so would need a bit of adapting)


I will revert to Xotto mutations, for the most part, i think.
I just cant draw them it seems.


Keep the current scientist file handy, something similar may return soon.


Ooh, sound interesting!
I backup almost everything what i do not use anymore or WIPs at the bottom of 14_tiles2_32x32_22365-27564.png file.


this is me trying to keep up with all untiled content after 0.D content freeze finally unleashed it


Really has more crap in it than experimentals? I haven’t updated in a few versions.


Ya so much stuff keeps getting added in a huge tsunami.


so i installed the newest undead version but im not facing the direction that im walking. did i forget to add a folder?


I think it only works if you’re using the arrow keys. Using numpad doesn’t rotate your sprite


Just image what you are walking like Michael Jackson.
Btw, NPCs will rotate in same side you are facing, so you can also have choreograph dance numbers like Michael Jackson. Cataclysm is best Michael Jackson simulator at this point.


i only use arrow keys. Any idea whats wrong?:expressionless:


Dunno, maybe your arrow keys register as numpad arrows. Weird. Any way, turning is not something what is specific to my tileset. It is function in the game it self. All tilesets have turning.


guess i need to update then.