**20170216 Big Sprite Update** MShock32Xottoplus Tileset Oversprite Tileset


Where can I go to find the most recent version of this tileset? Does the google drive link in the first post update periodically?


Quite curious if there is an updated version.


The absolute greatest tileset I have ever used. Bravo, really. I don’t think I’ll ever be using another tileset.



I am honestly so in love with your art.


The topmost link is quite old. You need the one with Patch 7 which download is just a few post up


Got it. Thank you for letting me know.


Hoping for a patch 8 soon. I know Prussian Blue is an exclamation point and braziers are a hashtag and there might be a few other things that could use a sprite. Is the creator still around?


OPs last post is from October, so yes, they are still around.


Noob question… patch 7 version is cumulative? I have found some other patch on the japanese mod page, but dont know if they are included intoi the last one…


Ok, I think I’m going to mainline this tileset (with fixed brazier, updates from jp) tomorrow, if anyone has something against it please reply.


Hey, I don’t know if this is of any help by now (sorry), but I had the same problem with black lines when using the tiles_x64 version (I think it’s the one the launcher picks). Try using this.


None whatsoever from me if you can update the tileset…also, if you can, change the heavy duty color to maybe beige/green


Hello Xotto! I’ve done some edits to your sprite sheet, please let me know if those are okay and if they can be added. I’l add the zip of this for now.


  • Fixed PK’s rotting zombies(mon_zombie_rot_pk_flu, mon_zombie_rot_pk_pain, etc)
  • Fixed the braizer issue
  • Changed the color of the military vehicle armor.
  • Added detergent sprite into the set
  • Added food processor sprite into the set
  • Edited PC sprites to be Koreans(this is the most whimsical and probably least needed)

For now, the full edited set is here:



Are there plans for the update?


I plan to change camouflage patterns of military stuff. when I added armored panel tiles first, I thought it must blend with existing tiles.(such as red vehicle parts and dirt tiles) and I choose brown tone pattern. but some comments say desert pattern isn’t suitable for national guards.
In my opinion, woodland pattern isn’t blend with this tileset. its too green and it makes awkward combination with other panels and terrain. in the upcoming update, woodland colors in other military things(zombie soldiers, army clothes) will be changed.

current version




You want UCP. Military vehicles deployed into first world urban combat zones won’t have forest, desert, drab, or tan armor. It’d have the mottled grey patten.


I think OCP look better on the map…





Woodland 2 aka canadian… is actually Flecktarn (German pattern). Do Canadian use it as well?


UCP might be more realistic, but looking at it kinda hurts my eyes, also there is enough gray in the game, the OCP looks pretty nice to me.