0xB: Fourth wall broken

It happens when you insert a music CD into a stereo system and turn it on.

What’s the problem here?

My STEREO SYSTEM TELLS ME I am listening to some pumping bass.

Oh right

Hahaha, oh well. I think this is actually a really quick fix to do, just wait for it.

Actually, it would require rephrasing sound representations.
Currently it works like this:
You’ve got sound and direction. If direction is “here”, nothing is added. Otherwise “From direction you hear” is added to the message. Notice how it “sounds” when you smash an object you’re standing on.

You’d either have to deal with sound messages as informative as “A pumping bass.” (that’s the entire message you’d get) or make a copypasted set of functions for differently phrased sound messages.

It isn’t hard, but it isn’t a trivial, obvious fix.