i recently started playing Cataclysm: DDA, and wow this is a damn amazing game, but i have a question… im assuming this is just a bug… or im just dumb , xD, but … sound, always says 0

im using 0.7, im assuming thats the latest (stable) build, got it from this site

sry if this is the wrong forum, and thanks in advance for all answers!

Sound only works if you shoot something, IIRC

I saw it one night on these same forums here. Someone said there should be a way to tell how much sound an action makes. Like is it louder to smash a door or smash a window.

I believe it was the one called Shoes who decided to throw it in real quick. Whoever it was, and sorry for not giving proper credit, I was under the impression it was added quickly with the intention of fleshing it out as time and priority permitted.