Saving in fe0921b (Build 3419) breaks savegame, rolling back erases world map

When upgrading to version fe0921b (Build 3419), it appears saving and reloading of my game is no longer possible. The game loads up just fine. The game also saves just fine. But when I try to reload the game again, the game hard crashes with an error popup from Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library. “This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way”.

The previous build, 1ce8f16 (Build 3418), worked fine. When I downgrade to this build, I can once again reload my game saved by fe0921b (Build 3419). However, the entire world map is now erased! Everything other than that seems to be in order.

For what it’s worth, I’m running the tiles build on a Windows 7 system.

Edit: On further inspection, simply creating a new world in Build 3419, creating any character, saving the character, and trying to reload it, leads to exactly the same crash. Trying to create a new character in one of the existing saved worlds also crashes the game.

Encountered this problem as well. World map is very definitely gone. Even teleporting to a far area doesn’t fix the map problem, and moving to older versions doesn’t change it.

edit: it also removes any NPCs that are currently around. For example, the ones in the refugee center and outpost. There’s a bunch of items on the tiles they were in, but it’s not all the items that they had.

We’re working on fixing this in Github.

Somebody done derped.

Works for me after the 3426 experimental forward, that’s with both new saves and old ones. If it works for you too Tyralocus, I’d recommend setting the title marked as resolved.


Yep, 3426 confirmed for fixed as far as I can tell.