0.E Ellison release has arrived

The Ellison release adds a huge number of features and content that make the world feel more alive. From being able to climb onto building rooftops or hide behind cars, to building a camp for your followers in the wilderness, to exploring the new river and lake systems on a boat or raft, everything is more immersive and consistent. Also more STUFF. I didn’t think we would ever double the number of game entities with a release again, but we did.

We aimed at a 6 month release cycle, and ended up spending 9 months adding features at a breakneck pace and 3 months putting the brakes on and stabilizing. I can’t honestly say that’s a huge disappointment, though toward the end the rest of the development team was really chomping at the bit to get back to feature work, so we’ll need to continue to adjust.

We built a huge amount of infrastructure for having the game check its own consistency, which has and is going to continue to contribute to the amazing pace of feature and content additions we are experiencing. The development team is also larger and at the same time more cohesive than it has ever been before.

Explore all the new features with the release at https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/releases/tag/cdda-jenkins-b10478. Speaking of exploring, the list of available tilesets has shuffled a bit, so this is a great time to find your new favorite.

Long distance automove feature for walking, driving and boating.
Extensive bugfixes to inter-level interactivity, on by default.
Riding animals and animal-pulled vehicles.
More flexible Basecamp construction options.
Default starting date changed to mid-spring for better survivability.
Time advancement is rationalized, a turn is now one second.
Extensive river and lake systems, and boat support for navigating them.
Expanded NPC usefulness and interactivity.
Massive increases in location variety and consistency, especially rooftops.
Expansion of mi-go faction with new enemies and locations.
Batteries now store charge instead of being pseudo-items.
Overhaul and rebalance of martial arts.
Zombie grabbing and biting more manageable and predictable.
Overhauled stamina and damage recovery for grittier gameplay.
Crouching movement mode allows hiding.
Magiclysm and Aftershock mods have first class support within the game.

Finally, see the changelog for the more complete (but still not comprehensive) listing of new features and contents https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/blob/6d30e210733f775a1d4be3a20598e5043b92c37e/data/changelog.txt


This is great news! It is so good to see CDDA growing every day to become an even better game, what a great community! Let there be many more releases to make our beloved game even better.

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Oh god please dont be an april fools joke


Downloaded 0.E this morning & can’t wait to try it out when I get back home from work! Definitely excited!

I skimmed through the changelog and did get a chuckle to see pop tarts no longer provide as much fun as cocaine. :rofl:

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Many thanks to all the contributors and congratulations with the release!
(Now to go and test how broken bows and crossbows really are these days. Yaay! )


By the way… Can i import my saves and config files to the new stable from the last experimental?

Yes, save compatibility between stables is a goal of ours.

Great to know! Thanks

Wow, thank you for this new version!

Upgraded straight from 0.D stable to 0.E and holy cows so many stuff!

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It’s a good idea to make a backup of your saves, just in case.

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Probably the most elaborately executed April Fool’s joke, ever.

Yep. The best part of this joke is it not being a joke. Who would’ve guessed, right?


:heart: :heart: :heart:

Fantastic. Can’t wait to jump back in.

Where can I find the Curses version of 0.E for Windows? It doesn’t seem to be listed alongside the Tiles version on the release page.

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There hasn’t been a Windows Terminal version for a long time now, it’s slower and has fewer features than the SDL version, and had chronic build problems to boot.

To clarify one thing, it was never a Curses build, but a mapping from the Curses API to the Windows terminal API, which is why it was terrible.

Oh. OK, then. I’ll grab the tiles version. Thanks for the info!

It might be worth adding the info about support being dropped for the Windows Terminal version to the Release page. It was supported for the previous stable release, so players who don’t pay attention to the experimental news might not realise it was dropped deliberately.

Can we get a list of known 0.E bugs at least by assigning a project or milestone on Github issues? I’m a bit tired of constant dealing with new bugs on experimental, would like to relax and just play but also with discovered bugs fixed at least by manual compiling.

That already exists, If you open the milestones on the issues page, there’s some already flagged under 0.E.

That being said, most contributors spend their time fixing issues and adding features, as opposed to cataloging them, so I’d be surprised if it was maintained. Any fixes to these bugs also won’t exist anywhere other than the latest experimentals, barring any emergency fixes backported for absolutely critical bugs. Its usually best to browse the issues tab before downloading an experimental, and you can check the jenkins to see what was merged and when, good for fishing out a ‘good’ build if you find you’ve got a bad one.

We are planning on doing a bugfix point release for 0.E, there are a number of fixes already merged, but I’m having trouble getting enough time to wrap it up.

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