0.E+ Build 10927 "None" item

Not expecting help, or anything, just thought this was really weird. I had a complaint from an item that it had a bad ammo type, not sure if this is related. But the end result of ignoring it and doing some other things and later looking in my inventory was finding a Spare Part item called “none” in my inventory. I dropped it, and the screenshot shows it. Very strange.


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Based on what I understand from my own experiences with building CBMs, it’s an artifact from a clumsy attempt at obsoleting recipes that weren’t realistic enough for the realism simulator.

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It has nothing to do with recipes.

Just what someone told me, guy. I noticed it at first when trying to craft CBMs a year or so ago, and one of the ingredients for crafting it was a “none”.

@Zhilkin care to elaborate on that?

I think none item is created when the game “lost” an item because of a bug and the none item “takes” its place. Because there are references to the lost item in the game, any attempt to interact with it would crash the game or would cause unintended behaviour, but that will not happen because the none item is there and simply, it will do nothing. You can set it on fire and it will gone.

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Maybe. I had an orphaned mod item that just was useless and had no description but unlike “none” still had its proper name. Was odd.