Error missing item

In a stack of books in a coffee shop there was the missing item “item”.
Also in a gas station there were a couple of "none"s in a book isle.

Same stuff happened to me, but on the lab’s weapons vaults, and with a “none” tile full of missing items. I am using the SDL of 7.0.

Yeah I’ve been seeing a lot of item errors etc.
Hopefully there is a quick patch soon? Or do we just have to get the nightly?

We’re releasing a 0.7.1, probably tonight. This particular one is from spawn list entries not matching item definitions, I think I cleaned them all up. Specifically there was a bunch of mismatching ammo, and the swim magazine spawn entry had a typo.

We need to do some automated consistency checking on that so we don’t have to handle it manually.

The none tiles is a very elusive mapgen or map manipulation bug, still trying to figure out what’s causing it.

Yeah, I managed to find another in a fridge, if I remember. I got a few details about it.

It appears to be a book, which adds up to the earlier descriptions of the item(s). You can’t examine it, read it, and I don’t think it has any weight/volume.

Reading it isn’t possible, which is a shame. Probably just another old item, leftover from testing or something…:L
This was found in 0.7.1, so you may need to have a look at it.

EDIT: Whilst writing this post, I save/quit the game. After reloading, this happened.

It appears the item has now ever been renamed, or exchanged for something different.
The game treats the item as if it doesn’t exist, which is a bit weird.

Taurus Raging Bull and 454 Casull plus S&W 500 and the 500 ammo type both have “Ammo Type:XXX” on their description, I guess my missing item was the ammo type because from all the guns I collected, they were the only ones I couldn’t find ammo for, funnily enough, if you spawn some of their respective ammo you can still load it on the revolvers.

I am playing the 7.1 version yet.