Has anyone found a bug like this before?

I ended up picking up the “none” and everything I picked up afterwords all had the same letter. It seems I’ve been able to fix it by just dropping everything one at a time and picking them back up.



You could of searched for “none” in the search bar up there, you know.

Well I thought it was funny enough to bring up and I’d rather be playing then scrounging through the forums.

I wasn’t able to drop it, which makes sense in idea since it’s nothing. I had a save from 10 minutes before hand, thank god for constant saving due to cougar sieges I guess.

Wow, I thought the -none- had gone extinct! Hopefully this will be fixed.

Yeah, this is a serious bug. IIRC, it came from NPCs and their things. Did you pick it up from an NPC, or was it from somewhere else?

Does the fusion blaster still shoot nones? That particular source has probably been fixed, considering the last time I shot a fusion blaster was in around 0.9.

All behold the power of none!

Check if you can still get rid of it using the advanced inventory.

The only NPCs in the area had been killed. The one I spawned by promptly got eaten by Cougars and as did everyone else I encountered. Only by walking around in a paranoid state of mind did I survive. I found it in a pile that really just appeared over night along with a pearl necklace and a lighter.

I also found a dead body with the same name and very similar clothing as my character about 10 steps from my evac shelter which is in the middle of nowhere. I just disregarded it and rolled the barrel of whiskey he was clenching onto inside.

That was an NPC corpse, without the corpse.

Yeah,i’ve got the same bug by long,long,loooooooooooong time,also in the 0.9 Cataclysm version there was the same bug :confused: but if you want to remove the “none” from your inventory you just “throw” that,don’t drop all your equipment :slight_smile: you can find the “none” only on the other NPC’s xD