0.C 5303 temperature not updating

power armor climate control not updating properly as the temperature changes. currently my torso and hands are sitting at a perfectly comfortable 0 while my arms, legs, and feet are freezing at -29, deactivating and activating it again does not fix it. (head/mouth has other gear, but power armor is only temperature effecting gear on those parts).

a command to force the armor to update or re-check everything temperature related would be handy at least

Need info on how to reproduce.

Could be just damage, mutations or temperature equalization.

it fixes when i take the armor completely off and put it back on, but since the location it breaks in is super cold that is a bad idea. and that location is an ice lab. step by step of what happens. i put on the armor, go down the ground floor stairs into basement 1 area, i activate my mk2 interface and then the power armor, all temperature dials jump to 0. then i go down another set of stairs, all dials change to -29 and i start freezing. turning the armor off and on doesn’t change this. taking it all the way off and then putting it back on and then turning it on will cause the temperature value to go to all 0s again.

OK, I got it: it seems that climate control only kicks in if the temperature goes out of the [-30, 30] range. If the temperature is comfortable, it doesn’t affect it at all.

but -29 isn’t comfortable, it’s chilly, i keep getting spammed with “your X is chilly”. was the comfortable range changed without adjusting the armor’s climate control range?