0.B-2544 Crash

0.B 205f780

A zombie scientist used a special attack through reinforced glass. I’m not sure which since they have multiple specials. This has happened before but I was unsure of the cause. I can’t get it to repeat in the tutorial. In case its relevant, I was unlocking the doors of the cells In a prisoner containment facility and it crashed the turn after I exited the console. I can post a save if necessary.

Also, plastic arrows have the worst accuracy ever, the unfletched shafts are more accurate. It’s probably an extra 2 in the dispersion value.

Merged Rivet’s fix for the arrows. The scientist issue may be a glitch with the electrical special attack fix I merged last night, but then you really shouldn’t be seeing them in the tutorial either. (So, can people confirm in a non-tutorial world?)

Thanks for reporting, though.