Arrows stucked in zombies

Terminal Windows, Experimental 2383 - 4957ede

After looting a Sporting Store, grab a bow and some wooden arrows. Go in nearest park with some trapped zombies children to training some skill. I have 5 damaged arrows and 25 undamaged. Fired 5 damaged and 3 more to kill one children. But i get 7 undamaged arrows from that body.

I wouldn’t be surprised if arrows can break. They are only wood, after all.

I’d say projectiles getting damaged rather than outright destroyed is a far bigger and more annoying bug than this one.

Arrows getting damaged is not the problem. After all, weapons can get damaged, so why not ammunation. The bug is i shoot 5 damaged arrows and 3 undamaged and i get 7 undamaged arrows (one lost, but a net of 4 more arrows)

Projectiles magically repairing themselves when they get stuck isn’t annoying and is an extremely minor bug.

Projectiles splitting stacks thus forcing a prompt each time an arrow is fired is annoying. Arrows fired at enemies usually break outright rather than getting damaged. This suggests that the original intent wasn’t to create a ton of annoying stacks of scratched arrows, but to simply destroy some of them. You can’t repair damaged arrows using regular methods, so you probably shouldn’t be able to damage them either.

Oh right, thing make more sense now. Looking now, is really look like a extremely minor bug =P. Thanks for the reply.

Sometimes a bug reports highlights a different bug: bug you reported is a result of a bigger bug.
While the fix for the bug you described is easy an straightforward, I’ll wait for one of the devs to confirm whether what I said (about damaged arrows being a bug themselves) is true. The fix to damageable arrows is probably much harder, but I think it’s “the right way” to solve this.

Sadly, no, arrows can get dinged up when hitting or themselves being hit. (Ever try shooting arrows at a wall? If you fire 10-20 at a time, they’re gonna get much more smashed-up than if you fire five and retrieve 'em.)

Stuck-gear not preserving its damage status and defaulting to (no flag) is a bug, but I don’t think it’s worth the trouble to fix and memory use to keep track.

Alternately we could have damaged ammo stack with undamaged ammo. What stacks with what is pretty arbitrary.