Corrosive zombie's bug?

In experimental 3520 corrosive zombies can shoot their bile through reinforced windows. Is this a bug or the way it should be? Because glass IRL usually is not affected by acid. I have not checked with normal windows.

EDIT: The reinforced window did not break. It stayed intact, like the bile just went through it.

Yeah, it’s definitely a bug, but IIRC it should be fixed in the current experimental now. Are you still seeing this happen in the latest experimental?

Dunno, I am not gonna download it for a while, I think. My computer is too old to handle even Cata :frowning:

Also, in the same experimental, the game crashes when I get 1-2 overmap tiles away from the 3x3 refugee center. It’s probably when it is generated/loaded in the reality bubble.

EDIT: Zombie hollows can attack you through vehicle’s windshields.