[Win Exp] srart crash on Russian locale

The experiment says that fails in init.cpp:
Russian Windows 7 Tiles and Curses

// load names depending on current locale void init_names() { std::locale loc(""); <<< this command ...

Ohoho! When there was a problem with thousands separator in json, I created a local variable LC_NUMERIC, even for the 0.8 version. Deleted it and failed stopped.

I have this error too, it just throws runtime_error on call of loc("") or loc(…) with any other values except of “POSIX” and “C”.
Here is some investigation of this problem: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4406895/what-stdlocale-names-are-available-on-common-windows-compilers
So, is there any way to compile cataclysm on windows systems with MinGW?