Disinfectant not working

latest exp - disinfectant, hydrogen prioxide and the such dont work, they dont show up in the 'a’ctivate menu nor do they have an 'a’ctivate option when examining them
first aid kit works just fine though

See the other thread.

so that bug includes this ?
i thought it just made meds unlimited, this is straight up not working

apparently there is a work around use the % button to apply the disinfectant that way

Something related, should bandages not have a chance to disinfect a wound, given they use up a disinfectant to be created?

The infected wound is caused by deep bite, while bandage only touches surface. That’s probably the reason.

I also find an exploit. When I use a flu shot, it is not consumed, but gives me an empty syringe. I can get infinite syringes.

Should be fixed in latest experimentals.

§k, that on latest?

Glad to hear it’s fixed. Mine is not the latest.